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Coober Pedy

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Retired Road Signs

These are from roads in Outback South Australia. 

They have been retired from use by the SA government because of damage.

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       Aluminium Signs

          Diamond Large 

        Dimensions 1240 mm x 1240 mm diagonally

         Weight ....... kg


9 km Winding Road

Bend in Road Left

Bend in Road Right

Creek (large)

Dip (large)


Grid with blue paint


Kangaroo 3 bullet holes

Kangaroo 5 bullet holes

Kangaroo 23 bullet holes

Kangaroo two heads

Stock Crossing

T Junction bullet holes from front and rear

T Junction Shotgun Blasted

Winding Road Ahead


Diamond Small 

      Dimensions 830 mm x 830 mm diagonally

 Weight ..... kg

Bend in Road Left (small)

Creek (small)

Dip (small)

Winding Road (small)



                     Dimensions 600 mm x 600 mm

                     Weight ..... kg



Petrol Pump

Table Under Tree bullet holes


No Open Fires

Parking bullet holes

Rubbish Bin

Rubbish Bin shotgun blasted

Semi-trailer Parking

Semi-trailer No Parking

Semi-trailer No Parking bullet holes

Water Tap

Parking slug embedded

Close up of slug in Parking slug embedded

87 decal on back of Semi-trailer Parking


                                                                                                                                                          Various Sizes


110 x Weight

400 m x Weight

600 m x Weight

Arrow x Weight

Emergency Telephone Number 2 x Weight

Emergency Use x Weight

Give Way Triangle x Weight

Highway 87 x Weight

Keep Left x Weight

Men At Work 25kph x Weight

Men At Work x Weight

Men at Work Cutoff x Weight

Men at work End 25 (large) x Weight

Men at work End 25 (small) x Weight

Restrict Water Use x Weight

Right Hand Corner x Weight

Road Reserve x Weight

School Zone 25 x Weight

Semi-trailer Parking 1 km on right 600mm x 900mm Weight 2.1kg

Stop No Unauthorised Entry x Weight




Pins, badges, patches

Transportation: rail, bus tickets, number plates


Car, truck, motorcycle, badges, tail light lenses

Valve radios


Vinyl records

Vinyl record covers


Scrap metal